Chairperson's message

Throughout 2023, Inditex once again demonstrated that a shared culture, based on hard work and an unwavering ambition to improve, is the most valuable asset a company can have. Our teams, their talent and their efforts day after day delivered solid growth across all our brands, earning the confidence of the millions of customers around the world and connecting us with more and more people every day.

Our purpose is to offer them products conceived of and made with the utmost attention to detail, beautiful designs and excellent materials. Products into which we pour a great sense of responsibility, also taking into account their social and environmental impact.

We do this by offering the best customer experience, which means making sure that when people visit us in person or online, we give them quality on a par with the confidence they place in us. We want our products, accessible to the large majority, to be appreciated for the personal touch and affection put into them by each of our designers, pattern makers, sales teams, buyers, suppliers and indeed our employees across all the areas that make our business possible. We believe firmly that our customers value this commitment, and we work tirelessly to honour this very special relationship.

We are as excited and unwilling to settle as ever. Those attributes are what have driven this company from a small workshop in Galicia to the global fashion retailer we are today. We want to do everything within our power to make a positive difference in the future. The magic that is Inditex pushes us to continue to do better so as to achieve more milestones and set ourselves new challenges which we are confident we will be able to overcome.